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我是late to join the Maine for MAC party. I know. Partly because I was hesitant to purchase a 1,100 tube of lipstick that has 50% chance of working on my complexion. They don’t have samples to try (当然,没有人敢于在仅1分钟内缺乏劳拉塔股票) and I’m too frugal to risk it.

I was looking around for swatches on-line and the lipstick looks different on every person. It’s not the 1 shade will suit all kind. Let’s be honest. It’s a hit/miss.

Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban in “Exes Baggage”

Good thing my #BloggerBabes friend Christine of All About Beauty brought her tube when we went out on a girl bonding date to drink milk tea while watching Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban’s reunion movieExes Baggage(OMG Carlo Aquino suddenly became 200% hotter no?)

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The shade?柔和的桃子米色,类似于Mac的流行裸唇眼;精神,天鹅绒泰迪和勇敢。说实话,我对这将如何看待我的期望。我读到了它让他们的嘴唇看起来很鬼,或者让他们看起来苍白。


Heck that’s why I didn’t get myself a tube on its launch but wowza! I was surprised it looked good on my light-neutral complexion! On my pigmented lips (他们是粉红色的) its nude peach that warms up my face. Sorta makes me look “friendlier” HAHAHA andI love it!看下面的我的试验视频,看看我是多么狡猾




Here’s what@MaineDCM MAC Lipsticklook like on other women! Photo Credits to Michelle ofR0ckstarmamma!

Christine of All About Beauty
Kaycee Enerva of Kikaysikat
亲爱的Kitty Kittie Kath
#BloggerBabes: Rochelle, Kaye, Kaycee, Kath, Christine, Michelle wearing Maine for MAC!

Yes. We all shared the same tube of lippie HAHAHAHA!

Where to buy Maine for Mac Lipsticks?

Each lipstick will retail for P1,100 MAC boutiques nationwide on September 23. Worldwide, Maine’s lipstick may be purchased onmaccosmetics.com到11月。我已经发现了很多囤积的囤积者由于其限量版的方面而抵达价格。我很快就会让自己送给自己!

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