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Orgain Organic Protein Drink

You may or may not know this, but most, if not all protein drink supplements taste BAD. Some doesn’t dissolve entirely and you have to gulp the chunky yucky powder , while others tastes like chocolate flavored cement. But of course as a true-blue body-building, strength wielding, fitness enthusiast, pro-wrestler in training like I am, my search for theBest Tasting Protein Shake永远不会结束。经过多年的征服,我终于找到了一个我可以全心全意地在我的博客上进行的品牌。让我们了解Orgain Organic Protein Drink

This is not a sponsored post (我希望大声笑), and purchase my whey from my own wallet. See myWendler 5-3-1锻炼计划和我的Project Sexy Fitness Program。我得到了这些健康选择at around 200php per bottle.


Most protein powders are made from synthetic formulas. Orgain Protein Drink, however, takes a different approach.


Why is plant-based protein so important? Well, plants are one of the few non-dairy sources of protein available in nutritional supplements. Whey and casein protein, for example, are both dairy byproducts (whey is actually the liquid material created as a byproduct during the production of cheese).


25g orgain有机蛋白奶昔

Orgain markets this shake towards bodybuilders. Each shake contains 25 grams of organic protein along with 150 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates. There are two flavors: vanilla bean and creamy chocolate fudge. The protein is made from milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate. These shakes are designed to support lean muscle growth while fueling athletic performance.

Kikaysikat Says:You’re going to love the taste of the Orgain Protein Shake. My favorite is Creamy Chocolate Fudge. This isthe锻炼补充在去健身房后拿走。也许要陪伴任何碳水化合物的膳食,因为这个婴儿有一个笨拙的25g。它没有坚固的块,它来自一个回收的纸箱,使其环境友好。


Original Organic Nutritional Shake


Kikaysikat Says:我喜欢这一点是一瓶完整的饭。碳水化合物,蛋白质和脂肪完全平衡的维生素和矿物质,我们需要。如果可能的话,我每天都可以喝这个。我最喜欢的是甜香草型。蛋白质是植物为基础的。Orgain营养摇动比他们的Orgain蛋白质奶昔更好。也许是因为它有更少的乳清和更美味的植物的善良?饮料和肚子上的光线更平滑。我发现这是完美的忙碌的人。


I drink a bottle usually right after working out, and when I’m lazy to bring my own shaker-cup. I just grab a bottle whenever I have supply and chug it like a muscle-maniac. Okay, Iam一个艰难的纳税人,所以我花了这么多时间来构建肌肉,但总有一天,我将成为我自己最强大的版本,内外。我希望我能激励我的读者是一样的!所以让我们开始在我们的饮食中纳入更多蛋白质。

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