Lana Age Defying Face&Body Soap Review


这是我第一次看到这个品牌,我发誓!我试过了很多肥皂,因为我是非常实验的,我可以轻松地吸引与“美白”,“恢复活力”,“美化”......所以,看到拉娜,我立即搜查了它。谷歌先生将我指向他们的网站 Their claim:Lana PHis a skin-care line that defends your skin from the damage caused by pollution. Each product is intricately curated with premium ingredients to treat your skin with the best care it deserves. It’s all-natural, non-comedogenic, cruelty-free and proudly made in the Philippines.”

Lana Age Defying Face&Body Soap Reviewa guest post by one of the Club Kikay Members Lanz AD Lanz Dizon is a programmer in one of the top real estate developers in the country. She’s a mother of two (a pretty daughter and Haf-Haf, a mixed breed of dachshund & JRT). She loves make-up as much as she loves coffee. Her movie and book interests are anything but romantic. Her favorite quote: “Patience is not a virtue. It’s a waste of time.”


Lana Age Defying Face&Body Soap Review

The Packaging

It comes wrapped in transparent plastic with a paper enclosure. Written at the back are the ingredients: water, goat’s milk, bearberry extract, glycolic acid, titanium dioxide and vitamin B3. When you unwrap it, there’s this tagline “LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE”. Hmmm… like we need to get reminded everytime we take a bath?lolz

I tried to check on some of the ingredients and what they claim to do.

Goat’s milk- 最好的干燥,敏感的皮肤;滋润,去除死皮细胞

熊果提取物 -具有抗氧化特性;有助于防止可见的老化迹象

Glycolic acid –most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness; exfoliates

二氧化钛 -white mineral pigment found in nature in the form of minerals; lightens the color of soap, when added.


  • Mildly scented (light minty scent)

  • Lathers up easily

  • Tightening effect after drying

  • Exfoliates and lightens skin

  • No clogging of pores, did not cause breakout


  • Melts easily like any other natural soap
  • Stings on some parts of my skin
  • Expensive (costs P250 based on website)


I have used it for about six days now, day and night, on my whole body. I saw some improvements on my skin’s texture because it feels smoother and cleaner, same feeling I get when I use bath salt. It also lightened some of my hyperpigmentations. I can’t say much yet on the age-defying part ‘coz I haven’t seen significant changes yet. I’ll try to finish it up but I have to re-think like ten times if I’ll buy ittoo expensive… also considering that the soap is only about 1/3 of its original size now! Nahhh… I’ll move on to Pond’s ReGEN Day cream maybe.

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