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A top concern of Filipinas today is the stress from commute where they are constantly exposed to not just the worsening traffic but the daily exposure to pollution.
我们知道,灰尘合适的婚姻对象cles and air pollutants can wreak havoc in one’s health leaving you sick and tired. But did you know that pollution also suffocates hair, causes it to weaken which leads to hair fall? It’s like hair asthma!
this is an everyday struggle for Filipinas that is often overlooked. Just imagine all the particles and pollutants that settle on our hair and the stress our hair goes through the moment we step into the busy city streets.
For best results, Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo should be followed by Pantene Hair Fall Control 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, which repairs 3-months of damage in just 3 minutes and protects hair from the damaging elements of pollution. It uses anti-oxidants called Histidine which gets inside the hair and removes heavy metals such as from pollution particles, preventing any further damage. Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin ingredient called Panthenol, penetrates to fill-in voids, further strengthening the hair. Fortified hair from the inside is therefore made stronger.
why 3 Minute Miracle is named the Best Conditioner
3minute Miracle provides long lasting moisture

3minute Miracle is lightweight, without the greasy feel

告别这种沉重,油腻的感觉,因为Pantene 3分钟的奇迹护发素均匀且轻轻地缠绕在头发上,可以使您自由流动,光滑的头发无体重。

Pantene 3分钟奇迹护发素不块状,均匀散布。凭借其智能的针对性技术,它使头发从根到尖端具有更大的力量,从而使其具有多达10倍的弹性,可与梳理损坏*。3分钟的奇迹护发素均匀而稀薄地包裹在头发纤维上,从而形成外屏保护。它从沉积在头发表面上排出不需要的颗粒。它还可以防止头发内部的好东西,例如水分逃脱。
to make women feel even better, Pantene’s hair fall regimen has a clean refreshing scent using its well-loved signature perfume – a fresh wild strawberry and raspberry base, enveloped in a floral creamy musky heart, underscored with warm vanilla. Its fruity and refreshing scent will definitely uplift one’s spirit.
Definitely, Pantene Hair Fall Control is a great way for modern Filipinos to deal with the hazards of city living. As the environment continues to change, so do the needs of consumers. Hair has the power to express one’s identity and weak hair can affect one’s confidence.
Pantene is dedicated to pioneering innovation that continues to meet these ever-changing needs: to repair and protect your hair against pollution and to ensure that every woman is strong and beautiful from the outside-in.
在170毫升中购买Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control洗发水,用于PHP 112.00、340ml的PHP 206.00,以及Php 159.00的Pantene Hair Fall Control 3分钟奇迹调节剂,340ml,用于340ml,用于http:////wwwww.lazada,php 259.00 php 259.00。。

For more information about Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Pantene Hair Fall Control 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner, follow Pantene Philippines (@PantenePhilippines) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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