皮肤填充物淹没了化妆品市场。并且它并不令人惊讶,因为它们可以在没有手术的情况下更好地改变皮肤的状态。将有关于使用的说明书审查dermal fillers Radiesse和Juvedermin this article.

  • radiesse.

The product is used in the cosmetological sphere and it is an implant that has undergone the procedure of sterilization. There are no additives of animal origin in its composition, so it is absolutely safe and does not need to be tested prior to its use. The main component is a biologically degradable material.

In order to perform the procedure, it is necessary to have syringes and needles of the required size. These are usually included in the kit. Then the procedure proceeds according to the following steps:

  • the patient is prepared for a subcutaneous injection, i.e. the injection site is marked by a specialist and is treated with antiseptic and, if necessary, anesthetic solutions;
  • 然后制备针和注射器,并用于每个注射器的新针;
  • the package is taken out of the foil in which it is stored in the kit;
  • the drug is introduced into the required area in the required amount;
  • 患者应保持落下几分钟。

For a week after the procedure you cannot spend time in the direct sunlight, use any cosmetics or visit places where there is a high level of humidity.

  • juvederm.


  • safety;
  • 透明质酸的最佳浓度;
  • the presence of the phosphate buffer in the formulation;
  • 存在麻醉剂的存在。

产品线包括各种各样的fillers Juvederm不同的密度和功能。

  1. 伏尔贝拉。该凝胶具有最低密度,含有15mg / 1mL的透明质酸。通常,它用于矫正鼻腔沟和嘴周围的皱纹,以及唇部增强。
  2. vift。该产品具有介质密度并含有利多卡因以及磷酸盐缓冲液。它有助于消除鼻头褶皱和唇校正。它被引入真皮的中间层。
  3. Voluma. The product has a high density – 20 mg per ml. Its effectiveness is high, and the effect is maintained up to 18 months.
  4. Ultra. It is a whole series of preparations of high density, which stimulate collagen production. They are injected into the superficial skin layers.

Only an experienced cosmetologist can select a suitable product that will not do any harm to the skin, but, on the contrary, will improve its appearance.

  • 有任何限制吗?

Neither of these substances is used if the following conditions are present:

  • 急性或慢性炎症;
  • excessive sensitivity to the ingredients;
  • 炎症反应的倾向;
  • presence of foreign objects in the body;
  • systemic disorders that are associated with slow healing of wounds.

The preparations are not injected into blood vessels, as this can lead to various complications in the circulatory system. The products should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as the degree of risk of their use in these cases has not been determined.

Before using this or that preparation it is necessary to consult a doctor, who will prescribe treatment in accordance with the individual peculiarities of your body.